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About us

Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau is an unbiased, cost-free resource, helping you with tips and advice, as well as coordinating your contacts in the meeting- and event-friendly city of Helsingborg. We are here for you, with joy, commitment and support – from start to follow-up.

Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau has a strong local connectedness and long experience arranging larger meetings and events. Events and meetings are important sources of income and display windows for Helsingborg. The domestic and international competition is getting tougher each year. Through proactive sales work, Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau contributes to the continued positive development of the city as a meeting and event destination. We work from an overall concept in which we collaborate with all facilities, such as hotels, conference facilities and transport companies.

Together, we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements and requests so that your meeting or event can be as successful as possible!

We can assist you with the following services:

  • Project management and producing applications.
  • We present Helsingborg and the city’s facilities such as meeting venues, hotels and restaurants to decision-makers.
  • We provide professional tips and advice when planning the meeting/event.
  • We reserve hotel rooms and event and meeting venues to secure capacity.
  • We assist you with relevant contacts in Helsingborg.
  • We suggest social programs and/or activities in the city.

Helsingborg has an event fund, to which anyone can apply for financial support for the event or meeting to be held in the city.
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Working process

Initial research

Business intelligence, local and national networks, prospects but also existing customers. Socioeconomic and business administrative effects.

Local host/local connection

In most cases, both events and meetings need to be established with a local host to proceed.

Rights holder

In most cases, events and meetings tour Sweden, Europe or the world. Here you have a rights holder who determines the conditions for the event.

Capacity and financial analysis

Effort is weighed against result, based on various aspects.


We present a setup for Helsingborg in competition with other potential world cities.

Site inspection

The rights holder/main organiser visits Helsingborg to see and experience what is available.

Secure capacity

If the organiser considers Helsingborg as a potential host city and wants to proceed with the process, we secure capacity for the event with regards to accommodation, arenas and other areas in the city.

Contract between the local authority, organisation and rights holder

A contract regulates our financial and work-related efforts.

Hand-over to PCO or external organiser

When the contract has been signed and the decision is made to hold the event or meeting in Helsingborg, the contracts with the organiser is handed over to an external organiser or a PCO. In many cases, these have already been involved at an earlier stage of the work process.


PCO and/or external organiser is liable for realisation according to the signed contract.


We follow up the results in relation to our work. In selected cases, tourism economic surveys are conducted among the participants.