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Henrik Gidlund

Senior Project manager

tel. +46 722 368 506

I have an extensive background in various types of development work within the public sector. A common denominator for this type of work lies within sales, as it’s about selling Scania as a whole, or selling parts of Scania. During the last ten years I’ve recruited several types of events to municipalities in Scania, all from a regional perspective.

My Helsingborg Tip:

Ever since I was a child I’ve been a huge fan of the ferry rides between Helsingborg and Elsinore. These ferry rides are both exciting and unique – one destination, two countries!

Caroline Nilsson

Project manager

tel. +46 73 231 59 55

I’ve always been in to sales and I have always worked with sales in any kind of way. Previously I worked in the hotel industry.

My Helsingborg Tip:
A tradition in Helsingborg I have adopted, is cold bathing. At Pålsjöbaden, Kallis or Rååbadarna you can take a cold bath and enjoy the sauna with a spectacular view of the Öresund and Denmark, all year round. Don’t miss this.

Matilda Andersson

Project manager

tel. +46 73 442 74 90

I have a degree in Business Tourism and have previous industry experience with congress bureau/PCO and conference facilities.

My Helsingborg Tip:
Landborgspromenaden in Helsingborg is absolutely wonderful, regardless of the season. Here you walk through different environments with a breathtaking view along the way. The promenade stretches from the Sofiero palace in the north, via the city centre, to Raus church in the south.

Johan Lundell


tel. +46 76 889 91 58

After being in charge of Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau for almost 10 years, I can say, despite the digital evolution, that the need for physical meetings between people will always exist.

My Helsingborg Tip:
Relieve everyday stress by traveling back in time. With a visit to Ebbas Fik, you will not only experience a 50’s design in every interior detail, but you can also enjoy a menu that is completely homemade.

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