Here at Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau we can assist you in a number of ways, although we would also like to
offer a few tips on external services that we feel might be of assistance to you as an event arranger. Contact us and we will tailor the very best alternatives for your particular conference or event!

Helsingborg Municipality’s event fund

The aim of the municipal event fund is to develop Helsingborg as an event and tourist destination offering a wide range of events. The fund is intended to assist stakeholders in holding conferences and events in Helsingborg. Contact us for more information.

Sharing Helsingborg

Do you need text and images for your printed matter, website, articles or the like? A number of free-to-use information texts and images of Helsingborg are available for your own applications. 
Contact us for more information.


Skånetrafiken provides simple and convenient travel around Skåne and parts of Denmark, along the route from Copenhagen Airport up to Helsingör via Copenhagen. Everything is within easy reach!

There are other convenient solutions available for group visits. For more information on what Skånetrafiken can offer in Helsingborg, Skåne and Denmark, please contact Gunn Andersson at Företag & Partners, Skånetrafiken.

Would you like to hire a bus? Contact one of the following bus companies directly:
Nobina: +46 (0)42 400 67 00, Bergkvara: +46 (0)42 24 80 00, Nettbuss: +46 (0)46 16 30 50, Transdev: +46 (0)8 629 50 00.

Event in Skåne

Event in Skåne is an organisation that works to bring bigger and better events, trade fairs and conferences to the region. Together with Event in Skåne, we can help you to make contact with Region Skåne. Contact us for more information.

Helsingborg City

Helsingborg City is dedicated to ensuring that more people visit Helsingborg, that they stay longer and enjoy an experience that they will be happy to recommend to others. A valuable partner for you. Contact us for more information.

Helsingborg Hotel Group

The Helsingborg Hotel Group has 15 members, equating to 92% of the municipality’s room capacity. With the assistance of the Hotel Group, we ensure that rooms are available in the city when your conference or event is taking place. 
Please contact us for further information regarding Helsingborg Hotel Group!