It is easy to get to Helsingborg as it is a hub for both domestic as well as international traffic. Whether you are travelling by train, bus or ferry to Helsingborg, you will arrive at the central station, called Knutpunkten. From here, it’s easy to continue on by taxi or local or regional buses. The local buses are cash-free, meaning you have to buy your ticket before boarding. You can buy your ticket at the ticket machines at Knutpunkten or using the Skånetrafiken app. On the regional buses, you pay with your bank card to the bus driver. If you travel by car, you can access E4 and E6 a few kilometres from the city centre.


Catch the plane to Ängelholm from Stockholm Bromma or Arlanda. Your travel time will be 65 minutes. Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport is located 35 kilometres north of Helsingborg and the flights are operated by SAS and Sverigeflyg. The airport coaches run frequently between the airport and central Helsingborg. 
The Copenhagen International Airport is only one hour away by direct train via the Öresund bridge or via Elsinore (Helsingör) in Denmark and the ferry across the sound.

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SJ operates most long-distance routes from Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin as well as in Sweden. With the express train X2000 from Stockholm, it takes 5 hours to Helsingborg and 2 hours from Gothenburg. Öresundståg and Pågatåg operate throughout the major areas of Skåne with many daily departures.

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Long-distance bus 

There are long-distance buses departing daily from Oslo via Gothenburg and the west coast to Helsingborg. The journey from Oslo takes about 6 hours and 2.5 hours from Gothenburg. Some days per week, it is also possible to travel by bus from Uppsala via Stockholm and Jönköping to Helsingborg.

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There are ferries operating between Helsingborg and Elsinore (Helsingör) in Denmark, departing 3-4 times per hour and the trip takes about 20 minutes. From Elsinore (Helsingör), you can catch the train to Copenhagen airport and Copenhagen CBD. The train ride takes about 1 hour.

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Get around in Helsingborg


Traveling by local buses in Helsingborg is simple and easy. The buses depart often, and if you miss a bus, you don’t have to wait for long until there is another one coming. The local buses are cash-free, and you buy your tickets at the ticket machines at Knutpunkten or via the Skånetrafiken app.


The taxi station is based at the central station, Knutpunkten.


It is easy to get around Helsingborg on bicycle and there are bicycle paths around the entire city.

By foot

In Helsingborg, there is a short distance to many hotels, restaurants and shops. That is why it’s easy and pleasant to get around by foot. From the city centre, you can walk to the north harbour (Norra Hamnen), with all its restaurants and the lively beach promenade in five to ten minutes.