Hosting programs

We’re looking for new guiding stars!

Does a new challenge sound like a good idea to you? Do you know of a meeting or event that you or your organization/association want to get involved in so that you can attract it to come to Helsingborg? Then you can become our next local host.

Over the course of a few weeks in the autumn of 2019, Helsingborg was transformed into a centre for winter sports when the European Championship in Curling was held in Skåne for the first time. In addition to the media exposure, both nationally and internationally, the European Championships contributed to an increase in tourism and a significant legacy in the form of investments in the city’s ice rinks.

The European Championship in Curling is one of many successful events that has become a reality thanks to excellent local hosting. Did you know that it doesn’t take any prior knowledge to become a local host, just the commitment and willingness to be involved where it happens?


The curling club took on the challenge

Helsingborgs Curlingklubb with its chair Emma Pettersson in charge, took on the assignment as local host of the European Championship in Curling 2019.

“It was an honour, even though I understood that it would be hard work.” The support from the City of Helsingborg, Region Skåne and the Curling Association was outstanding and made things a lot easier for us,” she says. As a host, it was the club’s main task to negotiate but also to plan, lead and distribute the work before and during the event.

“It was wonderful to see how both the training sessions and the competitions moved along so smoothly on the very first day. Then, of course, I would also like to add that I was able to meet so many fantastic people and that there were so many spectators, media coverage and television broadcasts,” says Emma Pettersson.


You too can become a local host!

Most large meetings and events need local support in order to be realised. At HCEB we always need more people who want to get involved and help make Helsingborg a fantastic city. ad.

Why should I register my/our interest?
“Being a local host is exciting and educational, it is also an opportunity for your association or organization to become part of something bigger. It is a fun and important task that the City of Helsingborg at the end of the year also draws attention to by gathering of all of the local hosts in a ceremonious fashion.

How does it work?
“As a host, you contribute with your local knowledge of the city. You are the contact person for the organizer/rights holder* and you can help with everything from arranging the programme to planning the event itself. You ensure that the rights holder’s wishes are fulfilled, based on the conditions that exist. Becoming a host involves some work but should not feel onerous. It is primarily extremely instructive and enriching.

Do I dare?
“HCEB will be by your side to provide you with support and practical advice. We help you get in touch with the relevant people to enable you to plan and conduct a really good meeting or event.

*Rights holder. The so-called person or organization who owns the rights to an event or meeting.

Curious? Do you have any more questions? Or do you already have a meeting or event that you or your association want to hold? Contact Malin Hollgren, +46 73-055 04 48 or Henrik Gidlund, +46 73 663 48 26 and we will talk further.



New opportunities with our hosting programme

Hosting a meeting or event is an exciting and honourable task. For us at HCEB, our hosts are very important key people. Now we hope that if you have previously been a local host, or are thinking about hosting a future meeting or event, you will want to become part of our hosting programme.


We need you!

The hosting programme is a new, informal network where we gather those of you who have previously been local hosts to connect with new, potential hosts. The aim is to: initiate new collaborations, but above all to exchange experiences, thoughts and ideas about how we can jointly develop Helsingborg as a meeting and event destination so we can attract more meetings and events to the city.
We meet twice a year in light-hearted and pleasant forms.

Feel free to call us if you have questions or want to sign up for the hosting programme!


Malin Hollgren – Project manager events & convetions
Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau
Phone: +46 730 55 04 48

Henrik Gidlund–Unit Manager/project managar events & culture
Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau
Phone: +46 722-36 85 06