Helsingborg – the conference city for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings!


The past year has seen a number of changes in the way in which we hold meetings involving large groups of people. We have had to adapt and learn to use new digital tools, which, although they work flawlessly most of the time, sometimes fail to have the same impact as an in-person meeting. This has convinced us that of new forms of meeting will emerge that combine the best features of both the in-person and the virtual world. Such meetings are called hybrid meetings.

In order to get as much as possible out of a hybrid meeting, attendees must be given the opportunity to interact with each other. This means that, not only does a hybrid meeting requires careful planning from a technical perspective, but also that significant importance should be given on the content of that meeting in order to ensure that it is a good experience for all participants.

All meeting and conference facilities in Helsingborg are now working with technology providers to deliver the best solution for your specific needs. Our network contains a number of different sub-contractors, each of which are working with different service that may be required for planning a meeting.

We can also assist by providing contacts at destinations in other parts of Sweden and around the world, allowing you to connect multiple locations and places to the same meeting.



The need to find new ways of meeting without physically being in a location is now greater than ever before. Helsingborg is home to several professional digital studios that are perfect for  staging events, meetings, webinars, and live broadcasts. All of these are centrally located and within walking distance of Helsingborg Central Station.


Helsingborg Arena
Jonas Lundström – Project Manager
E-mail: jonas.lundstrom@helsingborg.se
Tel: +46 (0)706 05 05 06


Elite Hotel Marina Plaza
Kristoffer Fält – Sales Manager
E-mail: reservation.helsingborg@elite.se
Tel: +46 (0)42 19 21 00


Clarion Hotel & Congress Sea U
Stina Sjöström – Sales Manager
E-mail: stina.sjostrom@choice.se
Tel: +46 (0)735 72 14 27


Arranging meetings in Helsingborg is a breeze. Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to tell you more!

Malin Hollgren – Project Manager
Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau
E-mail: malin.hollgren@helsingborg.se
Tel.: +46 (0)730 55 04 48