Welcome to Sweden’s best environmental municipality

In Helsingborg there is a clear ambition and a broad political consensus that we should be leaders in the environment and sustainability. This provides good conditions for urban development based on economic, environmental and social sustainability. Seven years ago, the city adopted vision Helsingborg 2035, where one of many goals is to have no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

In a socially sustainable city, community, equality, tolerance, and security are important. Security in public spaces is therefore a priority in Helsingborg. Since 2016, we are affiliated with Purple Flag, a collaborative model that makes visible cities that successfully work to improve the experience of security, accessibility, choice, and outdoor environments. Through Green Change Hbg we are working for a greener Helsingborg. Those who are working for a sustainable society come together to encourage more people to become involved in the transition.


Great conditions for you as an organizer

The City of Helsingborg works actively and in a focused manner with environmental and sustainability issues, which makes it easier for you to make your event, meeting or congress sustainable. It is within walking distance to most things and we are proud that the majority of the city’s hotels, facilities and companies work with sustainability in their offer to you as a customer.


Did you know that…

…In the past four years Helsingborg has been named Sweden’s best municipality for the environment?

…In 2019, Helsingborg won the Sustainable future prize together with the VA company NSVA?

…The municipality has been praised for its investment Tre rör ut, (literally, three pipes out) which is a unique sewage system in the Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg.

…Helsingborg has applied to European Green Capital 2023?


Do you want help, discuss ideas or talk sustainability at your next meeting? Please contact us!

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Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau
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